Monthly Archives: July 2013

  1. Labour TENS enabled me to have a drug free birth 3 times!!!

    I have used the Labour TENS machine with my 2 previous labours, and each time it

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  2. Labour TENS is absolutely fantastic!!

    Labour TENS is absolutely fantastic!  It was like a security blanket during labour.

    I took it off for a bath, but immediately

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  3. Very impressed with Labour TENS

    Third birth…….. first time using Labour TENS……. was sceptical…….. Instant satisfaction!


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  4. Brilliant machine

    Brilliant machine! I managed with just the Labour TENS and a shower!

    Cheaper than an epidural !!


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  5. Labour TENS….. a positive experience

    My recent experience using the Labour TENS machine during early labour with my

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  6. I was so sceptical about using a TENS….. but it was very effective….

    My active labour lasted 8 hours give or take, and the Labour TENS I would say was effective in controlling pain for about 80% of that time….

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  7. Labour TENS was very helpful in masking the pain…

    I had a very long labour of 72 hours, with irregular contractions.

    The Labour TENS was very helpful in masking the pain and helped

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  8. I high recommend the use of Labour TENS to any mum

    I was recommended to use Labour TENS by friends in the U.K.

    It arrived so quickly, we were able to practice using it before the birth. 

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  9. Labour TENS helped to have what I would consider was a perfect labour

    For the birth of my 3rd child I decided to use Labour TENS as it came highly recommended from friends and childbirth classes.  I had never

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  10. I can’t recommend Labour TENS highly enough!

    Thank you again for an excellent product and service!

    I had such a good experience using Labour TENS delivering my first son and it

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  11. I felt no need for any further pain relief….

    This was my third baby. I have previously had a water birth and an induction with an epidural.

    I found the Labour TENS enormously helpful

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