Monthly Archives: March 2012

  1. Labour TENS….. extremely helpful…

    I found the Labour TENS to be extremely helpful during my labour. Lachlan is my first baby and I managed the labour from start to finish in

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  2. Labour TENS is an excellent product!

    Excellent product!! I wish I has used it for my first birth. My only pain relief this time was the Labour TENS and some gas. My baby was a boy, 8lb 12.5oz with a 6.5 hour labour.

    I really liked

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  3. Labour TENS was extremely effective

    I found the Labour TENS to be useful!!

    I was induced due to pre-eclampsia, so knew I was in for a more intense labour experience. My

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  4. The Labour TENS was a lifesaver!

    I used the Labour TENS throughout my labour and it was what kept me going!.

    The distraction and the ease of pressing the button, when a contraction was coming, was a life saver during a time

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  5. I would highly recommend Labour TENS

    Thank you so much for the use of the Labour TENS machine. I would highly recommend

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  6. Bearable Pain Levels thanks to TENS

    My labour was very quick, 6.5 hours, despite being a first time Mum.  I started using the Labour TENS

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