Monthly Archives: January 2009

  1. Labour TENS enabled me to have a totally natural birth, without any drugs

    Labour TENS was recommended to me by the midwives at the hospital, and also by a friend.

    The TENS machine was excellent. It arrived the

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  2. I believe the Labour TENS assisted with my ability to cope as the endorphins where flowing.

    A friend had used the Labour TENS during her labour and said it was great. It also was recommended during my antenatal classes. I used the

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  3. Physiotherapist in ACT says "I thought the Labour TENS was great -it was my only pain relief and made the whole birth experience bearable.

    My labour began at around 3.30am. I put the labour TENS on early and walked around -I couldn't sit down. My contractions were 5 min's apart

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