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  1. I loved my Labour TENS machine

    I loved my Labour TENS machine and will highly recommend it to any expecting mothers, and hire it again if necessary. 

    Sherri, Vic.

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  2. I would definitely use TENS again & recommend it to others

    I found Labour TENS excellent in early labour then a great distraction as contractions got stronger. I used it for the whole labour and would

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  3. Fabulous!!

    The Labour TENS machine worked fabulously!!!

    Thank you.

    Caroline, W.A.

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  4. I would highly recommend TENS to pregnant women for pain relief in labour

    At first upon hearing about TENS I was sceptical about it’s effectiveness, as I am a scientist.  I must say that upon using it during my labour, I am very impressed and would highly recommend

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  5. I would definitely recommend Labour TENS to my friends

    I did not know what to expect to feel with TENS, but the best way to describe it would be a distraction for the mind. Every contraction felt more manageable with the boost button on, and I was even

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  6. I could not have got through my labour without Labour TENS

    I could not have got through my labour without Labour TENS. I used it as directed as early as possible and I believe that without it I would have

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  7. Didn’t need pethidine or an epidural… just the TENS

    I have used Labour TENS for both of my labours, and found that I haven’t needed to use pethidine or have an epidural. Thank you also for the reminder email to return the machine….. was

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  8. I’d recommend to any woman to give a TENS machine a go whilst in labour

    This was my third labour and the third time I’ve relied on a TENS machine to get me through – this type of pain relief works for me very well.

    The labour ended up going for four

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  9. I have used TENS machines with all 3 of my children’s births

    I have used TENS machines with all 3 of my children’s births. With the previous two I hired a TENS machine from the hospital but it was unavailable this time. I think the

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  10. TENS machine was a lifesaver!!

    This was my second child.  Angus was born 20 months earlier.

    Angus was a 3 hour labour – so I knew this one was going to be quick also. I had used the TENS machine with Angus and

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  11. Labour TENS is run professionally

    My pre-natal classes (in Dubai) advised of the TENS machine.

    Labour TENS was available in Gosford Hospital for my last pregnancy 2 years ago, and because everything was run so professionally

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