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  1. The TENS machine was really helpful

    My birth experience this time was amazing. This is my second child. The labour was the best one could expect, and much of the credit goes to the TENS machine. The TENS machine was really helpful. It

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  2. My Labour was totally drug free

    I am so grateful to have found out about Labour TENS. It made such a difference during labour in management of contraction pain. With each

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  3. I would thoroughly recommend Labour TENS as pain relief alternative during labour

    I would thoroughly recommend Labour TENS as a pain relief alternative during labour. It kept me distracted and gave me something to focus on

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  4. TENS was recommended by the midwives at Manly District Hospital

    The midwives at Manly District Hospital recommended the TENS machine to me. After very poor service at two chemists on the Northern Beaches, that supply TENS machines for hire,

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  5. The TENS machine was a great help

    The TENS machine was a great help during the early stages of labour, and certainly helped contain the contraction pain making it more bearable.

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  6. I found the TENS machine fantastic for pain relief

    I found the TENS machine fantastic for pain relief. This was my 2nd labour. My first was very long and tiring and ended with an epidural, lots of pushing and forceps delivery.

    This one was

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  7. TENS gave me control & direction, & coping skills

    The Labour TENS was definitely a help to me. My baby was posterior, and so I was unable to avoid intervention in the end, however the TENS

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  8. Couldn’t have managed without the TENS

    I used the TENS from the onset of my labour from 12.00pm Monday, all day Tuesday (mild labour), and I only took it off just before we left

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  9. I was in control thanks to the TENS machine

    I found the Labour TENS machine to be effective at taking the edge off the pain of each contraction.  I was able to doze on and off during

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    Am definitely recommending TENS to all my pregnant friends!!



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  11. The TENS Machine saved me!!!

    The Labour TENS Machine saved me!!! I do believe that the use of the TENS machine was the main reason for my

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  12. TENS helped me cope better with early labour

    Using Labour TENS helped me to cope better with early labour, allowing me to stay at home longer.

    I would definitely recommend it to

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  13. TENS was all I really needed

    Labour TENS was used all through my labour. Only had a pethadine shot 15 mins before the pushing stage…. so I didn’t actually

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  14. I believe the TENS machine averted me having an epidural as it provided me with so much relief.

    Thanks for the great website, which provides a wealth of information and gave me the confidence to proceed… fully informed of the product.

    I had a long pre-labour, which started on a

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  15. I have found TENS effective in managing pain…. this was the 2nd time I have used it.

    This was my 3rd Pregnancy and the second time I have used the LabourTENS machine.  I found it effective in managing my pain and preferable

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  16. I will recommend TENS to all other pregnant friends… it made a big difference for me!! Yay TENS!!!!!

    The Labour TENS machine was recommended to me by the Physiotherapist at John James Calvery Hospital in Canberra. I was induced as the baby

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  17. TENS Machine Was My “Lifeline”

    The Labour TENS machine was my “lifeline” in the beginning of labour.

    I’d recommend it to everyone!! When contractions

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    I just wanted to say how WONDERFUL I found the TENS machine during my labour.  As this was my second child I was concerned that the labour

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