Monthly Archives: September 2011

  1. I’ll be recommending Labour TENS to my friends…

    Labour TENS got me through my early labour to about 5 – 6 cms.  Exceptionally easy to order, use, and return. Thank you for making

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  2. Using the TENS….. resulted in me having a Natural Birth & no need for drugs

    I thought the Labour TENS was very useful during early labour. As the labour progressed I had to keep increasing the intensity as the contractions

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  3. 3 Day Labour

    I was in labour on and off for 3 days.

    The Labour

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  4. I feel Labour TENS made each contraction more effective

    I wish I had used labour TENS for my previous 3 labours. It really helped with the pain and I feel it made each contraction more effective,

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  5. Natural Birth with Labour TENS

    Many thanks, I will always sing the praises of Labour TENS.

    It helped me manage nearly 24 hours of pre-labour followed by a very quick

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