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    NeuroTrac® Obstetric TENS

    Labour TENS is an obstetric TENS device designed specifically for use during child birth.

    The Labour TENS machine is small and light weight and comes with a separate hand held boost button enabling you to easily & quickly select boost mode. When attached you can move around freely during labour. The Labour TENS is an advanced digital, dual channel, obstetric TENS unit featuring a dedicated labour pain programme (no set-up required) and comes with four large 50 x 90mm electrodes for maximum comfort when placed on the patients back.

    The unit can be easily switched between two modes with the use of the separate hand held boost button. One mode is designed for the rest period between contractions and the other for strong pain relief during contractions.

    Importantly Labour TENS is a very easy to use machine with a large LCD screen and a high capacity output.

    The Labour TENS is our most popular obstetric TENS machine to date.

    Labour TENS is also available for hire.

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    Elle TENS Plus

    The New 3-in-1 Elle TENS Plus is a very versitile obstetric TENS machine. Now there is a TENS machine that covers all the different aspects of your labour and post labour needs and beyond. Essentially it is three fully functional TENS units in one.

    This versatile TENS unit can operate in:-

    • Birth mode (Obstetric TENS) with contraction timer & Boost button
    • General pain mode
    • Pelvic mode with vaginal probe for pelvic floor toning

    The Elle TENS Plus is based on the original award winning Elle TENS but adds two additional modes to make this one of the most versatile TENS available.

    Unlike other obstetric TENS the Elle TENS Plus will remain useful long after you have finished your labour.

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    NeuroTrac® TENS

    The Neurotrac TENS machine is the 'original' general purpose pain management TENS machine from Verity Medical. It is a practical, easy to use, light weight, advanced digital, dual channel unit featuring 11 pre-set pain programs & 3 customisable programmes.

    The Neurotrac TENS is a great general purpose pain management TENS machine and one of our best selling TENS machines.

    • Modes of operation: High and Low frequency, Burst, Continuous and Modulated.
    • Clear backlight LCD helps viewing display in low light or dark conditions.
    • Keypad with large buttons for ease of use
    • Compact, light and reliable
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    NeuroTrac® MultiTENS

    The NeuroTrac MultiTENS is a new TENS and STIM (NMS) machine from Verity Medical. It is unique in that you can run two different programmes at the same time. For example this allows you to run both a high and a low frequency pain management program on two areas at the same time. Channel 1 could be set to the program that stimulates the production of endorphins (the body's natural pain killers) and channel 2 could be set to the program that stimulates the body's "pain gate mechanism". Endorphins and gate mechanism are targeted with different combinations of stimulus at the same time, making the MultiTENS very versitile.

    The MultiTENS machine is a Digital Dual channel TENS and STIM or NMS (Neuro Muscular Stimulation) device designed for pain management and muscle stimulation. Muscle stimulation can be used for building muscle, injury management and rehabilitation and more.

    The MultiTENS has:-
    13 Pre-set TENS programmes
    4 Pre-set NMS programmes
    3 Custom programmes to set up your own treatment

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    NeuroTrac® Sports STIM

    The NeuroTrac Sports is an advanced and modern digital dual channel stimulator featuring 15 built in sports and muscle rehabilitation programmes and 3 custom programmes.

    The sports TENS is suitable for sports, muscle toning and muscle rehabilitation. It is specifically designed to help you warm up and cool down, plus treat a variety of muscular complaints. The Sports STIM will help with a wide variety of muscle related problems and is widely used by physiotherapists around the world.

    If you are an athlete in training or suffer from a sports related muscle problem, the Sports STIM may be able to help.

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    NeuroTrac® Rehab TENS

    The Rehab TENS & STIM or NMS (Neuro Muscular Stimuation) machine is an advanced digital dual channel unit with a remote hand held button. It is designed for those that want more than the basic TENS machine. The TENS and NMS treatment modes provide maximum flexibility for pain management and muscle stimulation. The Rehab TENS is designed for use with muscle & sports related type injuries.

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    NeuroTrac® Pelvitone STIM

    The Pelvitone TENS is designed for continence problems and muscle rehabilitation with 11 pre-set continence programs and 3 custom programmes. It is an advanced customisable symmetrical dual channel digital STIM unit.

    The Pelvitone TENS unit will help with a wide variety of continence problems and is widely used by therapists around the world.

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