Mar 03 2010

labour TENS was a godsend it got me through the 18 hour labour

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My hospital recommended you and for me the labour TENS machine was a godsend. I had a ‘back labour’ .My baby was in a posterior position, which meant i had extremely intense back pain. Unfortunately from early on my contractions came in clusters, with little break in between. I dilated from 2-8cm quickly, if I didn’t have the labour TENS I would not have been able to cope.During the contractions I concentrated on matching the intensity of the machine with the pain. When my labour stalled at 8cm the pain reached its climax, with what seamed like no relief in sight the Labour TENS got me through the 18 hours.  The reasonable price of the TENS, and the long hire meant I didn’t hesitate to order, and I’m so glad I had it there. I would highly recommend your labour TENS service to anyone that wants to be prepared for any situation. it makes the birth of their baby a wonderful experience, that we all hope for.


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