Oct 31 2008

I was induced and went through the whole labour with just the TENS.

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Thanks. I was really impressed with your company. I rang your support line and was given some great advice on how to use it. The Labour TENS machine was brilliant. I was induced with the drip so we started the TENS straight away. I went through the whole of my labour with just the TENS right through to the pushing phase. It was an intense labour of just three hours but the TENS was a godsend. I didn’t want to let go of the boost button -it was like a friend!

The community midwives in Darwin are very impressed with the labour TENS and have been recommending it. I’ve been telling everyone how good it was and when I have my second I’ll be getting the Labour TENS again.

Again-Thank you.

Greg and Kellie Sorenson. Northern Territory.

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