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Jun 10 2008

What does the boost button do?

Hi Heather,

When you use your TENS machine and you push the boost button what exactly happens and what is happening before you hit the boost button?

Does the boost button just start the machine or does it amp it up or just switch it to a different mode?

Answer: the labour TENS is specially designed to cope with labour pain as labour pain is very different from ordinary chronic/acute pain. The boost button allows you to switch between programs/modes without loosing the intensity of the signal. In between contractions when there is very little pain the rest mode sooths and relaxes, during a contraction press the boost button for strong pain relief. The booster switches the signal to intensify the stimulation and automatically increases the volume/intensity by 20%. At the end of the contraction press boost to return to rest mode. This unique feature allows women to cope with the huge sensation/pain shifts in labour. The ordinary TENS machines do not have this feature. They will zero when the program is changed. If you used an ordinary TENS you would need to keep ramping the volume/intensity switch up and down with each contraction.

Hope this helps,


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Jun 04 2008

Which TENS is best for back pain in pregnancy?


Hi Heather,

My wife is experiencing a lot of back pain. She is 30 weeks pregnant

now. We came across your website and considering hiring the Labour Tens for the 5 weeks but not sure whether this is the most appropriate TENS. This appears to be the only one available for hire.

I have read that it does help with back pain but is it more focused to labour pain or is it just as useful for back pain?

Kind Regards

ANSWER: Using TENS during pregnancy is a debated subject. Firstly all pain should be investigated by a Doctor and secondly you must be guided by your Doctor or physiotherapist. TENS is safe from 37 weeks plus or if under instruction of a Dr when using TENS during pregnancy.

The labour TENS will also be helpful for back pain but as you point out it is specifically designed for labour. If your wife has a chronic pain problem you will need a more general TENS. You could purchase a NT3 which has 15 programs and more versatile but this won’t be as effective for labour. You can get a health fund rebate of up to 100% depending on level of cover so it may be worth purchasing one. It’s still best to hire a labour TENS for the birth as these machines are very different to the rehab ones.

Remember that any pain must be checked out by a Dr or health care professional and a diagnosis given to ensure there is no problem with the pregnancy before you use the TENS.

I would suggest the Labour TENS if you don’t want to use both and you want to use it for both back pain and labour

Regards, Heather

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Jun 04 2008

I was surprised and impressed with how well labour TENS helped me with my drug free induced labour

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I first heard about Labour TENS through my GP when I was looking for some pain relief for my lower back and hips at around 32 Weeks. She gave me a brochure and I had a look at the website. I read other birth stories and thought “why not”. It looked easy to use and was not expensive. I had at first only intended to use Labour TENS for early stages of labour until I was able to have an epidural, I didn’t think it would be strong enough to help with the second stage of labour.  As with my first child, this pregnancy had gone past the due date and I went into hospital to be induced. After 2 lots of gel, labour was not progressing, so at 9am on Saturday morning my waters were broken and almost instantly, contractions started. I hooked up the Labour TENS and I was surprised at how well it actually helped me get through each contraction. So well in fact that by the time I thought I was ready for the epidural it was too late! Only 4 1/2 hours of drug free labour and our son Jett was born 9lb’s 7oz, with a lot less pain than I thought there would be. I had no intentions of having a drug free labour and I don’t think I could have gone through it all without the TENS. My midwife was also impressed at how well it worked.  At all times I felt like I was in control of the situation and I truly believe that Labour TENS was a contributing factor in this. I went home 24hours after Jett was born and I feel that because we did have a drug free birth,  I am healing a lot quicker and I’m able to cope with bringing a new baby home a lot easier that I did before. I will definitely be recommending Labour TENS to my friends and my local community health centre. Everyone should know about this!
Thanks again Heather, I was really happy with Labour TENS and all dealings with your company. Keep up the good work.

Narooma NSW

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