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May 20 2008

Labour TENS is extremely good at relieving labour pain

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I hired the labour TENS on the recommendation of the physiotherapist at the hospital. The ‘little black Labour TENS box” was excellent. I used it throughout labour.

I packed it in my labour bag, and used it as soon as the contractions started. I had a long 40 hour labour, and used labour TENS to great effect throughout. I found it easy to use and the boost button really helped make the contractions more bearable. I was able to use it at home, on the way to hospital, and in the labour suite at the hospital. I thought it was extremely good at relieving labour pain. I think the price was spot on -not too expensive. Thanks for such a great service.

Naomi. Queensland

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May 20 2008

Natural Birth Essentials Workshop was a turning point

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I booked Andy and I in to attend the Natural Birth Essentials workshop at Nature care college. It was very helpful and confirmed that a natural birth was the right choice for us. I knew that I wanted to at least have a go at giving birth naturally in my own environment. It inspired us to do more research and become more informed, and taught us not to be scared, that pain can be positive, and it gave me encouragement to trust my body and instincts.

On the day I woke up again at 6.30am with period pain like cramp thinking it was probably nothing. The cramp subsided just to reappear 3 minutes later, and again until I was sure SOMETHING was going on. They only lasted maybe 30-40 seconds. I fed the pets and did some housework. My midwife thought it was pre labour contractions. Just after that I lost my mucous plug. Then the contractions got really intense and Andy ran the bath for me which gave some good relief especially in between contractions. I didn’t want to wait for the birth pool to be filled up and felt the bath would be enough. At 11.30am Andy rang our midwife and told her what had happened. When I got out of the bath and I was like OK this REALLY hurts, I’m not so sure I can do this much longer, if there’s going to be another 10-20 hours I’m not going to make it, aah what the hell was I thinking “f**@!” (must have been transition) I went to my bedroom to just stand up and in between contractions go into cat position on all fours. The midwife arrived to find me in the cat position, starkas of course, not that I would have cared if a football field full of people had been watching at that point.

I stood up again and the pushing began. The midwife said I should probably try and resist the pushing for a bit just to make sure I was dilated enough since it was breech. That was quite a task. At the next rest between contractions we checked the baby’s heart rate with the doppler and it was sounding fine. After another two sets of very intense stretching contractions whilst standing up I used my visualization. The midwife suggested I ‘let it open up’ ‘imagine it opening, widening. She wanted to measure the bub’s heart rate again but then on the third one I was like ‘No! uhh it’s coming now!’ and the bub’s bum dropped out (taking the midwife by surprise as she hadn’t even had time to put her gloves on!). On the next contraction the whole body dropped out, the legs falling from where they’d been. The waters/sack had remained intact up until then, and when they did break the water didn’t gush out, it was reabsorbed upwards. Lots of meconium had gushed out everywhere as the bum/body had emerged due to the squeezing. During the next contraction I felt a bit of a burning sensation and out came the head.

The midwife handed the baby to me immediately after catching it, I saw it was a girl and put her to my breast and welcomed her into the world by calling her Jasmine Brielle. She had a really long umbilical cord, enough for me to feed her whilst standing with the placenta still inside me. Jan took a bit of cord blood at this point for testing the baby’s blood type. I breast fed and cuddled Jasmine for a while before allowing the umbilical cord to be cut so I could pass her to Andy and go for a shower to birth the placenta. It was taking a bit of time in the shower so Jan suggested Jasmine join me in the shower for a little cleanup as she was absolutely covered in muconium. We cleaned her up, I handed her back to Andy, then waited for a contraction which came easier now I’d seen her again. I pushed and Jan gave a gentle pull, and the placenta fell out to the ground. I felt so good.

Andy’s story

With reluctance I attended a Natural Birth class at Nature Care College with my partner, Katrina. It was supposed to last 4 hours and I wasn’t looking forward to it. However, the class started with some relaxation and meditation on floor mats which completely changed my mood for the better!

Over the next 4 hours I was enthralled as I learned how wonderfully adapted the female body was at giving birth naturally without the need for doctors, drugs or surgery. This class was a turning point for me. After more research, I came to firmly believe that a healthy woman with a healthy baby can deliver her own baby, at her own pace.

On the day, it all happened so quickly. Every 3 minutes Katrina wailed in her contractions and I knew I didn’t have to do anything but be there for her and tell her it was going to come out OK in its own time. I was completely relaxed with being at home but still anxious to proceed.

People had always told us how long natural births can take, and in the back of my mind I thought we were going to be there all day and night, I was quite shocked when suddenly the baby started coming out – only about 2 hours after her mucous plug ejected. Katrina was standing up and leaning forward onto the bed with her legs apart.

As it slithered down and out, assisted by gravity, it looked like a dark red egg, and I realized the sack was even still intact, and I was stunned, so glad and thankful that everything went so smoothly. Katrina was so happy as she gathered the baby up in her arms, but I didn’t yet feel much emotion towards it.

When Katrina finally handed little Jasmine over to me for the first time, she was not crying or upset at all. She was wide awake, stared into my face for several minutes while I smiled at her with a big grin from ear to ear. She melted my heart and that moment I knew she was ours and that I would take good care of her. I was so proud of my girls, together, against conventional advice and a general lack of faith in the human body, we did it!

I owe Heather a HUGE thank you! Andy & I found the Natural Birth Class was excellent – it really helped confirm that for us a natural home birth was the right way to go.

Katrina and Andy. Sydney

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