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Jan 04 2008

How do I buy extra electrode pads

Hi Heather

I have now received my Labour TENS machine and was wondering how I purchase additional pads as my sister is also pregnant and wants to use it later. I know that it comes with 4 but I was told you cannot share pads. I was wondering how to purchase additional ones.

Thank You


Hi Angela,

Good question. That’s correct you must not share electrode pads for hygiene reasons. purchase an extra set via phone 1300 855902 or online. Each set of 4 costs $20 including P & P.

Regards, Heather

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Jan 04 2008

Labour TENS for back pain in pregnancy

Hi Heather,

My midwife told me that labour TENS could also be used for back pain. I am 26 weeks pregnant and suffering back ache constantly.Please tell me if it will work and how I can buy one as I’m guessing its cheaper to buy than hire for a long period. Can I also get a health fund rebate?


Hi Cathy,

Yes health fund rebates of up to 100% are available -just call them. Labour TENS is good for back aches and general aches and pains if you are 37 weeks plus. Please ask your obstetrician first before you use a TENS machine during pregnancy you will need to obtain his consent and use it under medical supervision. After birth you can use it freely for period pains and many other sorts of generalised pain. So yes you’d do well to buy one. You can order online, via phone 1300 855 902 or via post. Pay by check, money order or credit card.

Good luck, Heather

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Jan 04 2008

What happens if I deliver early?

Hi. I wanted to make an enquiry for the Labour TENS machine hire.

I am interested in hiring a unit from 37 weeks onwards, but what happens if I deliver before 37 weeks. Would I still pay the hire rate if I do not receive the machine? Is this money taken out of my account when the unit is sent to me or at the time I have placed the order?

I hope that wasn’t too confusing!!

Thank You,

Hi. You can hire a labour TENS via internet, phone or post. The money will be taken when you place the order. If you think you will deliver earlier than expected let us know and we can arrange for earlier dispatch of the TENS. If you deliver before we have posted the labour TENS machine you are intitled to a refund minus a $10 administration fee. If we have already dispatched the TENS NO REFUND can be given. See full terms and conditions

Cheers, Heather

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Jan 04 2008

Receipt for health fund rebates

Hi heather,

I have booked a labour TENS and want to claim a rebate from my health insurer as they will give me 100% back. Will a tax invoice or statement come with that so I can claim through my health insurance??

Regards Tania

Hi Tania,

That’s good news. Yes we will send you a receipt with your TENS. usually all you will need a letter of recommendation from your Dr or Obstetrician. Then just send it in to receive all your money back. Let me know if anything else is required and I will be happy to help.

Regards, Heather

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Jan 04 2008

TENS -all rounder for labour/general pain and pelvic floor

Hi Heather,

I am interested in buying a tens unit for use during labour (I used a hire one during my first labour with great success) however I was hoping to be able to use the unit for pelvic floor improvement after the birth as well…I was under the impression that really ‘old fashioned’ tens units could be used for both – but the very modern ones you feature on the website seem to have pre-programmed functions
specific to labour, so I’m wondering if the settings can be changed for other purposes or not?

Do you think a tens is a really effective way of toning pelvic floors, or no better than simply doing exercises?
Thanks for your help,

hI Anne-Marie,

Thanks for your email. If you want an all rounder the best TENS is the Neurotrac  rehab or the Femme elite TENS SEE WEBSITE Both these are suitable for birth, general pain relief and pelvic floor improvement. For pelvic floor use you will need to buy the vaginal probe if using the rehab see picture.This costs $49 and will attach to the end of the wires. I can let you know what programs to use for each function. I would recommend the Femme elite TENS as it has all the programs, plus the probe. You can also buy a specialist continence TENS online. Health fund rebates are available.
Hope this helps

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Jan 04 2008

BUY Labour TENS or ordinary TENS

Hi there,

I’ve experienced the benefits of TENS during recovery from sports injury at my physiotherapists and I’m keen to use/hire a TENS machine for my upcoming labour. However, I see that they can be purchased as well, and I’m considering whether its worth it to buy the actual unit for labour and use afterwards as well but I have some questions:

If I buy the Labour TENS (as it seems specifically made for this purpose), is it still as effective in treating non-labour related back pain down the track as say the NeuroTrac TENS unit (Me or someone in my family seems to suffer from a back injury more often than I get pregnant!!)

How can I be sure I’m placing the pads in the correct position? (both in labour use and treating non-labour related back pain)
How reusable are the sticky pads? How many times can they be reused before they lose their stickiness, assuming you care for them correctly and replace the plastic film after use and store them in the plastic?

Many thanks for your help,


Hi Lisa,
TENS is fabulous for labour pain as well as back pain but unfortunately there isn’t an ideal machine for both. The Labour TENS can be used for generalised pain after birth by you or your family (you’ll need new elecrodes for each person though). You will have to decide if you want it for general pain or labour. If you want a good TENS for generalised pain such as back, knee, shoulder pain etc the NT3 neurotrac TENS is your best buy. If you want it for labour either rent or buy a labour TENS.

The NT3machie will work to some extent for labour but it is unable to switch quickly between rest and boost mode, which is ideal for labour pain. If you decide to buy the NT3 and use it for labour I will give you the best settings but you cannot go back and forth as it resets to zero (like all other TENS except labour TENS).The NT3 has 15 programs to choose from,which is ideal for any type of pain. labour TENS has 2 programs specifically designed for labour.

NT3 comes with full instructions, explanations and diagrams to help you choose a program and let you know where to place the electrode pads. I can also help you via email or phone.
The electrode pads last around 3-6 months average, but it depends how long you use the pads and how well you keep them. They can be pealed on and off many times.

The ideal scenario is to buy a NT3 for general pain and hire or buy a Labour TENS for labour. remember most health funds give you a rebate of up to 100% so it may not cost you anything.
Hope this helps,

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Jan 04 2008

TENS for pelvic floor strengthening

Hi Heather,
I was just wondering if the tens machines are useful for pelvic floor rehabilitation. I’ve heard you can have a vaginal stimulation attachments and they are very helpful with strengthening the pelvic floor muscles after childbirth.

Yes TENS are great for also strengthening the pelvic floor and can be used six weeks after birth. You will need to purchase either a pelvitone TENS or the Femme Elite TENS for pelvic floor strengthening. See website for details:
regards, Heather

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Jan 04 2008

Are the electrode pads reusable/Can I pick up the TENS from you

Hi Heather,

I am deciding on whether to hire or purchase a Tens machine for labour but I have a few questions.

– I read that the pads are reusable. If I intend to use it for other pregnancies in the future, will I need to change the pads or will they still be reusable? Is there a reason why there are 4 self adhesive electrodes but only 2 leads? Are 2 spares?

– What batteries does it use?

– Is there a showroom where I can buy/pick up or only sent by post?

Thank you.


Hi Theresa,

There are 4 electrode pads because each lead needs two pads -one ach side of the spine at the middle and lower back. The electrodes can be used many times but it depends on how long you use them for as to how quickly they dehydrate. If you have a few years between pregnancies you may need to replace them. A new set of three will cost $25 including postage.

It uses a 9V battery and each battery lasts between 20-30 hours you can use rechargeable ones if you wish.

No pick ups unless you’re booked in to a birthing class, massage, yoga or hypnotherpy session. See website You will need to book an appointment with me -ph: 94002709.

You may also wish to call your health fund to ask about rebates on hiring VS purchasing.

Hope this answers your questions.

Regards, Heather.

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Jan 04 2008

What if I want to shower during labour

Hi Heather.  Quick question.  What do you do with the TENS set up and showers during labour.  If you need to get into the shower can you leave the adhesive pads on your skin but disconnect the wires etc from the TENS machine.  Once out of the shower do you just have to dry the area around the pads and then reconnect?  Thanks.
Peter and Susan.

Hi Peter and Susan,
Good question. You will need to take all TENS equipment off including the electrode pads to keep everything dry or else it will loose stickiness. The electrode pads are self adhesive and can be taken on and off many times. You will need to keep the skin where you attach the electrode pads clean and dry and free from oil or other products to keep a good contact. Remove the electrode pads and replace them on to the clear plastic film provided to keep them clean and sticky. If the pads start to peel off when using them just place tape over the top to keep them adhered to the skin.
The good news is that the pain relief benefits of Labour TENS will be affective for up to 30 minutes after the TENS is switched OFF -plenty of time to jump in the bath or shower. After about 20 minutes the endorphin levels will start to drop significantly and you may want to replace the labour TENS.
Good luck, Heather.

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Jan 04 2008

How effective is Labour TENS

Hello Heather,

Well this is my second baby and I am 35 weeks and am scared of pain of course!! Well with my first one I had no idea about TENS and this time want to try it !! Just want to find out before I book it how good is it ?? when should I start using it !! I am due on 31.08.07 but I feel I might deliver baby like mid august !!! But of course with this things you don’t know!! I had a difficult labour with my first one almost 24 hours and I took gas and pethidine which made me drowsy and could not push effectively resulting to episiotomy and vacuum delivered the baby.

I thought I could book and pay for it like this week but of course schedule a delivery closer to the dates eg I get the machine by say 09.08.07.

Thanks and Regards



Hi Vanita,
thanks for your email. Labour TENS has been researched and found to be 80% effective for Labour pain. Our feedback indicates a higher score as voted by the women (over 350 of them) who have used one this year. Most women find it very effective in the early and mid stages of labour. Some only need a Labour TENS, others have gas and air as well, and just a few need an epidural depending on the circumstances. I used one for both my labour -the first very long and difficult lasting four days I found it effective but needed an epidural when I was induced with the oxytocin drip. The second labour was at home just 8 hours with a drug free natural birth– all I used was TENS. As you know each labour is different and most women find second time round is a lot easier. Its worth your while hiring one because they’re versatile. Even if you do need gas and air or pethidine if you keep the TENS on you’ll need less of it. labour TENS is easy to use, highly effective and has no side effects.
You choose your hire start date. We usually advise you to start the hire about three weeks before your due date (around 10th Aug). You’ll have a five week hire until 14th sept with an extra free extension of one week if the baby’s late. You can also book and pay for extra weeks if you want a longer hire for peace of mind.

Let me know if I can help you further. Book online to receive a discount, or call us to book.
Good luck,

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