What is an epidural?

A medical epidural is a procedure used by an anaesthetist who inserts a needle into the spine and administers anaesthetising drugs into the epidural space via a tube. It can take up to 30 minutes to block out the pain by numbing the lower half of the body with drugs. Once numbed women are confined to bed by a drip and monitored closely.

A labour TENS works by naturally blocking pain messages flowing from the pelvic region to the brain via the spine. Labour TENS produces a natural pain block within the spine blocking the nerves from sending pain messages to the brain. Instead of using anaesthetic drugs the Labour TENS uses the body’s natural hormones such as endorphins and chemical inhibitors to block pain.

Labour TENS VS Epidural

An epidural will numb the body below the waist, so the birth process is totally pain free. A Labour TENS will not numb the body, you will still feel what’s happening however it will be less painful. An epidural isn’t without risks.

Some epidural side effects include: 

  • back pain and soreness
  • headaches
  • persistent bleeding from puncture site
  • fever
  • breathing difficultiies
  • drop in blood pressure, which can slow down the baby’s heart rate

Labour TENS has no serious risks or side effects to mum or baby when used according to the instructions.

There are a few precautions;

  • keep away from water/fluids
  • use only on the back as directed
  • check with your Dr if you have a pacemaker or epilepsy

The fact that mothers can’t feel what’s happening during delivery with an epidural can also lead to a host of other problems, such as increased risk of tearing during vaginal delivery.

Other options can be included with Labour TENS use. Both medication and nonmedication methods to ease labour and delivery can include:

Non-medication options:

  • massages
  • acupressure
  • using a hot pack
  • breathing techniques
  • hypnosis and relaxation techniques
  • frequent changes in position/movement
  • warm bath/shower (remove TENS before entering water)
  • water injection

Medication options: 

  • Gas and air
  • Pain medications
  • Epidural

Labour TENS doesn’t stop you having any other option; therefore it makes sense to try it first and if you need more help with pain management add other options. Hire from LabourTENS