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We remain open for business as usual for TENS hire and sales Australia wide with plenty of NEW TENS machines in stock. We dispatch all hire machines EXPRESS only Mon-Wed-Fri. All orders must be received by 11am AEST for same day dispatch. Early booking is highly recommended to ensure timely arrival of your TENS machine. We have always maintained hospital grade cleaning procedures Click HERE for our infection control policies and procedures. Please call us on 1300 855 902 if you have any questions.


Long 6 week hire (excl postage time)
Australia wide EXP delivery $12.50 REG $9.50
Easy to use and proven effective
Original and best Labour TENS UNIT


Easy to use, reliable & well priced
Health Fund Rebates available.
For pain management and rehabilitation
We offer a select range of quality TENS machines


Electrodes (reusable sticky pads),
spare wire leads
and other accessories to suit our
range of Neurotrac TENS machines

Labour TENS machine hire & sales

Labour TENS Obstetric Hospital grade HIRE & PURCHASE equipment - For natural pain relief in childbirth. Rented & sold by Labour TENS Australia wide to Maternity Hospitals, obstetricians, midwives and the general public since 2003

Your Wellbeing is our highest priority. Click here to view our infection control policies and procedures

Labour TENS can assist you to have a natural birth by providing effective and long lasting drug free pain relief at home, in hospital or birth centre. Using Labour TENS while at home often helps you stay calm and comfortable, which reduces the possibility of medical intervention and further complications.

We hire and sell advanced digital maternity TENS machines which are pre-programmed for labour & very easy to use. For effective pain relief it is recommended that you use Labour TENS from the first contraction at home through birth and beyond.

Our TENS hire company is staffed by medically qualified personnel, provides quality TENS machines and related products, education support and customer service to help you have the birth you want at minimal cost. TENS machines can be used alone for a drug free birth or with hospital medications or any other natural pain relief method.

Our Labour TENS machines have been used successfully by thousands of women in Australia since we started hiring them in 2003. Many of these women have provided us with great feedback and wonderful stories which may be viewed on our blog. TENS machines have been used in the UK & Europe since the 1960's.

Why hire an Obstetric TENS from Labour TENS ?

We are the origional company that started hiring Obstetric TENS in Australia - we've been in business since 2003. We specialise in hiring Labour TENS for natural pain relief during labour (and beyond) and Heather is a trained nurse experienced in using TENS machines. Our knowledgable staff are able to assist via phone, email or in person if you feel like visiting our office on Sydney's Northern Beaches. We stand by the select range of products that we have choosen from many years of experience. Hiring the Labour TENS machine Australia wide was our original area of business and continues to be our core area of expertise.

When you hire with Labour TENS

  • You receive a long hire period of 6 weeks for peace of mind (with an option to extend). Postage transit times NOT included in hire time
  • No deposit required
  • Fixed low cost Australia wide postage price with optional pre-paid retuen envelope
  • Everything you need including a spare battery is supplied
  • Receive full instructions and specialist customer support with every hire or purchase
  • Heather has a background in nursing with specialist training in TENS for pain relief & is available for pain management consultation at the Lotus Centre. We also provide natural birth classes, hypnotherapy for childbirth, prenatal yoga classes, acupuncture and prenatal massage on the Northern Beaches in Sydney.

How thousands of customers rate Labour TENS hire

 LabourTENS Feed Back Bar Chart

  • Labour TENS was easy to use. Scale -10 is very easy, 0 is very difficult
  • Labour TENS was easy to order. Scale -10 is very easy, 0 is very difficult
  • Labour TENS was helpful for pain relief. Scale -10 is very helpful, 0 is not helpful at all
  • Labour TENS hire was good value. Scale -10 is very good value, 0 is not good value
  • Figures obtained from customer feed back form included with every hire.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What is a Labour TENS Machine?
The Labour TENS unit is an advanced, small, battery powered device which sends a pulsed electrical stimulus via pads to the skin.Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) stimulates the release of endorphins & uses the gate theory of pain relief as researched by "Melzack & Wall".TENS machines have been in use since the 1960's and over the years have become smaller, portable and easier to use.The Labour TENS machine is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (TGA)

Why use Labour TENS ?

  • Drug free system for pain control
  • Quick & effective pain relief
  • Easy to use, light weight and portable
  • Does not cause drowsiness
  • Can be used for as long as pain relief required
  • Normal / boost mode controllable using light weight seperate boost button
  • Can be used at home when contractions start or later at hospital
  • Can be used with other methods / prescribed drugs
  • Non invasive giving freedom to move and walk about

How does a TENS unit work ?

  • Releases natural pain killers (endorphins and encephalins)
  • Blocks out pain messages traveling to the brain providing a vertual gate. Click here for more on pain theory
  • Provides a sense of control over labour pain and gives an alternative focus

What does Labour TENS feel like ?

  • A pleasant tingling sensation on the skin where the pads are placed.

When do I start using the Labour TENS machine?

  • We recommend you start using Labour TENS at home at the onset of contractions. Early use of Labour TENS promotes the bodies production of endorphins and encephalins - the bodies natural pain killers.

How long should Labour TENS be used ?

  • The TENS machine can be worn as needed for as long as desired but a minimum 30 minute duration is recommended for childbirth.

Can I practice with the Labour TENS machine?

  • Yes, we recommend you try out the Labour TENS machine beforehand so that you are familiar with the operation when 36 week plus for a short duration of 1-5 minutes only. You may place the pads on your lower back as you would during labour or you may place them on the inside of your forearm to test.  The electrode pads are self adhesive and re-usable. Re-apply the plastic film to the sticky side of the pads when finished and store in the plastic bag.

When to use or not use TENS?

  • Labour TENS is specifically designed for childbirth. It has been tried, tested and in use since the 1960's. However there are a few precautions. Do not use over broken or desensitised skin. Do not use before 37 weeks unless approved by your doctor. Do not use if you have a pacemaker. Seek advice from doctor if you have epilepsy.

I would like a water birth - can I use Labour TENS ?

  • Yes, although NOT whilst in the water. Use during the first stage of labour which may take several hours. The midwife will not usually ask you to enter the water after you are 5cm dilated. You need to REMOVE the TENS machine BEFORE you enter the water.

Can I use a Labour Tens machine with other pain relief methods ?

  • Yes, you may continue using the Labour TENS machine with other methods such as pethidine and gas and air.

Can I use the Labour TENS machine after the birth ?

  • Yes, Labour TENS can be effective for reducing the pain of uterine contractions after birth. The Labour TENS machine can be used whilst breastfeeding after birth.

Can I use an ordinary TENS machine ?

  • It is not recommended as an ordinary TENS will be less effective and more complicated. Our Labour TENS machine uses larger pads and has two specially designed pre-set programmes with a boost button for changing between the two programmes.Ordinary pain management TENS cannot cope with the rapid shift in pain management needs as they are designed for consistant pain levels.

When is the best time to order ?

  • Order as soon as possible to secure your Labour TENS machine. It will be posted out to you to arrive by your nominated hire start date.

What if I am due in less than 3 weeks ?

  • We recommend you use the Express Post service (guaranteed next day delivery for most metropolitan area's) for $5 extra postage and packing. Choose postage carefully and if in doubt use express post, as once the TENS machine has been posted there are no refunds.

Can I take the Labour TENS unit into hospital with me ?

  • Yes. The midwives and doctors are usually very happy for women to use labour TENS machine. Check with your midwife or doctor if you are unsure. You may need to turn the labour TENS unit off temporarily whilst using electronic monitoring equipment.

What if my baby is late ?

  • Please phone the office as soon as possible.
  • Click here for information about natural ways to induce labour.