Jun 04 2008

Which TENS is best for back pain in pregnancy?

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Hi Heather,

My wife is experiencing a lot of back pain. She is 30 weeks pregnant

now. We came across your website and considering hiring the Labour Tens for the 5 weeks but not sure whether this is the most appropriate TENS. This appears to be the only one available for hire.

I have read that it does help with back pain but is it more focused to labour pain or is it just as useful for back pain?

Kind Regards

ANSWER: Using TENS during pregnancy is a debated subject. Firstly all pain should be investigated by a Doctor and secondly you must be guided by your Doctor or physiotherapist. TENS is safe from 37 weeks plus or if under instruction of a Dr when using TENS during pregnancy.

The labour TENS will also be helpful for back pain but as you point out it is specifically designed for labour. If your wife has a chronic pain problem you will need a more general TENS. You could purchase a NT3 which has 15 programs and more versatile but this won’t be as effective for labour. You can get a health fund rebate of up to 100% depending on level of cover so it may be worth purchasing one. It’s still best to hire a labour TENS for the birth as these machines are very different to the rehab ones.

Remember that any pain must be checked out by a Dr or health care professional and a diagnosis given to ensure there is no problem with the pregnancy before you use the TENS.

I would suggest the Labour TENS if you don’t want to use both and you want to use it for both back pain and labour

Regards, Heather

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