Jun 10 2008

What does the boost button do?

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Hi Heather,

When you use your TENS machine and you push the boost button what exactly happens and what is happening before you hit the boost button?

Does the boost button just start the machine or does it amp it up or just switch it to a different mode?

Answer: the labour TENS is specially designed to cope with labour pain as labour pain is very different from ordinary chronic/acute pain. The boost button allows you to switch between programs/modes without loosing the intensity of the signal. In between contractions when there is very little pain the rest mode sooths and relaxes, during a contraction press the boost button for strong pain relief. The booster switches the signal to intensify the stimulation and automatically increases the volume/intensity by 20%. At the end of the contraction press boost to return to rest mode. This unique feature allows women to cope with the huge sensation/pain shifts in labour. The ordinary TENS machines do not have this feature. They will zero when the program is changed. If you used an ordinary TENS you would need to keep ramping the volume/intensity switch up and down with each contraction.

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