Aug 17 2009

The boost button was easy to use and very effective for the contractions

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I started using the labour TENS early on after having a bath. I started it on 10mA and found the boost button easy to use and very effective for during the contractions, which were every 5 mins. I arrived at hospital at 4am and told I was just 2cm dilated. We were given the option to go home and as the TENS machine was working well, I felt I could cope with the pain so we returned home. After a couple of hours the pain intensified so I ramped up the TENS machine and returned to hospital thinking I may need stronger pain killers as I thought I had a long way to go yet. However once at the hospital I was found to be fully dilated and entering the pushing phase. I concentrated on delivering my baby who was born at 8.30am. I was so pleased I had a drug free birth, I will use the labour TENS again in the future.
Louise NSW

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