Jun 20 2011

The Amazing Labour TENS Boost Button!

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I used the Labour TENS machine with great success from the time of induction (8am) until about 2pm.  My Obstetrician suggested I use some gas for additional pain relief then pethidine, which I found unhelpful. I continued to use the TENS machine and found the boost button amazing.  By 4pm I was only 8cm dilated but experiencing an involuntary and seriously uncontrollable urge to push, so I had to have an epidural.  This “saved my life” and totally took the urge to push away.  The TENS was removed at that point.

I recommend use of the Labour TENS and I will definitely use it again for my next labour.  If I don’t have that “urge” to push early I believe the TENS coupled with gas will be enough to get me through.

Thank you!!

Kim, VIC

PS… A day after the labour I couldn’t work out why my right wrist tendon was sore.  Then I realised it was from continuously pressing the amazing boost button!

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