Aug 04 2010

TENS machine was a lifesaver!!

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This was my second child.  Angus was born 20 months earlier.

Angus was a 3 hour labour – so I knew this one was going to be quick also. I had used the TENS machine with Angus and found it very helpful. The nurses only had time to administer gas with him, so the TENS was the primary pain relief resource.

With baby Jack the labour time was halved. I had 4 or 5 contractions at home before my husband threw me in the car for the 30 minute trip to the hospital. We arrived at 6.50pm and I was fully dilated. I had to put the TENS machine on myself in the car – managing not to get caught up in the seat belt!! My doctor arrived just in time as Jack was born at 7.28pm. They didn’t even have time to get my paperwork done …. before Jack was ready to make his appearance! Obviously there was no time for gas or anything else. My husband took control of the TENS – upping & downing the controls as required. It was a huge help having him do it – plus it made him feel useful!!

I recommend the TENS machine to anyone who will listen…. for me it was a lifesaver!!


Renee, Vic

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