Jan 04 2008

TENS -all rounder for labour/general pain and pelvic floor

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Hi Heather,

I am interested in buying a tens unit for use during labour (I used a hire one during my first labour with great success) however I was hoping to be able to use the unit for pelvic floor improvement after the birth as well…I was under the impression that really ‘old fashioned’ tens units could be used for both – but the very modern ones you feature on the website seem to have pre-programmed functions
specific to labour, so I’m wondering if the settings can be changed for other purposes or not?

Do you think a tens is a really effective way of toning pelvic floors, or no better than simply doing exercises?
Thanks for your help,

hI Anne-Marie,

Thanks for your email. If you want an all rounder the best TENS is the Neurotrac  rehab or the Femme elite TENS SEE WEBSITE http://www.TENSPainRelief.com.au Both these are suitable for birth, general pain relief and pelvic floor improvement. For pelvic floor use you will need to buy the vaginal probe if using the rehab see picture.This costs $49 and will attach to the end of the wires. I can let you know what programs to use for each function. I would recommend the Femme elite TENS as it has all the programs, plus the probe. You can also buy a specialist continence TENS online. Health fund rebates are available.
Hope this helps

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