Jan 06 2009

Physiotherapist in ACT says "I thought the Labour TENS was great -it was my only pain relief and made the whole birth experience bearable.

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My labour began at around 3.30am. I put the labour TENS on early and walked around -I couldn’t sit down. My contractions were 5 min’s apart and I had the Labour TENS on a low setting of 4 to start off with. I turned it up as I needed to and by the time I was in the second stage it was up to 24. I used active birthing techniques and walked around all through my labour. He was born at 11.50am with just the TENS for pain relief.

We have a Labour TENS at the women’s health unit at the hospital where I work as a physiotherapist. I usually teach women about the Labour TENS and let them try it out -so I was keen to try it myself. I found it was helpful for managing the pain and I didn’t even use gas. I was lucky, my baby was in a good position and I had a natural birth with no intervention. I spent a lot of time counting to keep me focused moved around as lot and squatted in the second stage. The Labour TENS was much better than no pain relief and made the whole experience bearable. I was very relieved when it was over and we now have a beautiful boy.

Physiotherapist. ACT Maternity Hospital

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