Mar 12 2008

My drug free natural birth with labour TENS

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My labour started at home at 9pm -my contractions where painless at the start so I tried to sleep. At 11pm I got up and went to the lounge room, I started using labour TENS from then on. At 1pm I had a shower and woke my husband. He was timing the contractions whilst I walked, squatted and moved around the house. I used the boost button at the start of each contraction which helped me. I found the contractions very manageable at this stage whilst using labour TENS>

At 6.30am we drove to the hospital-I was 3cm dilated. I continued with Labour TENS, walking around, and then took it off to have a bath. By 9.30am I was 7cm and my waters were broken. From then on the pain increased. I had another bath but didn’t find it helpful so I put the labour TENS back on and got on all fours. My husband pushed the boost button for me at the start of each contraction. This eased the pain and the distraction of the TENS helped me cope. I was soon 10cm dilated, and after 5-6 big pushes, our son was born. I had no chemical pain relief -just Labour TENS. I had a completely natural birth with  no tearing, and a gorgeous healthy boy. Kaden (3.45kg, 50cm) born 27.02.08. I would definitely recommend Labour TENS to all mums to be. Labour TENS, pre-natal yoga and breathing exercises helped me prepare for a natural, drug free birth.

Leanne. Collaroy. NSW

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