Jan 04 2008

What happens if I deliver early?

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Hi. I wanted to make an enquiry for the Labour TENS machine hire.

I am interested in hiring a unit from 37 weeks onwards, but what happens if I deliver before 37 weeks. Would I still pay the hire rate if I do not receive the machine? Is this money taken out of my account when the unit is sent to me or at the time I have placed the order?

I hope that wasn’t too confusing!!

Thank You,

Hi. You can hire a labour TENS via internet, phone or post. The money will be taken when you place the order. If you think you will deliver earlier than expected let us know and we can arrange for earlier dispatch of the TENS. If you deliver before we have posted the labour TENS machine you are intitled to a refund minus a $10 administration fee. If we have already dispatched the TENS NO REFUND can be given. See full terms and conditions http://www.labourtens.com.au/terms.php

Cheers, Heather

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