Feb 12 2008

Labour TENS kept ME in charge of my own pain releif

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At one of our antenatal appointments, my husband and i were asked what pain relief we were looking into. Having had two natural births before, we wanted to do the same for this third birth. our obstetrician asked if we had heard of >Labour tens, which we hadn’t. My husband was particularly interested and grabbed a labour tens pamphlet, probably because he had had to give me an 8 hour back rub during the birth of our second child!

The labour was quite quick, only five hours, and i used the labourtens once the contractions were 3 minutes apart. being focused was very important to me, so the fact that i could stay calm and in control with the labour tens was fantastic. As soon as the contraction started, i’d press boost, as it ended i’d put it into rest mode. Having a rhythm and being in charge of my own pain relief kept me alot more relaxed than relying on other methods or even my husband! He made me cups of tea instead of trying to find ways to distract me from the pain!

Towards the very end, the midwife asked if i’d like to try any other pain relief, and we decided to try gas and air. together with the tens, we delivered a healthy baby. Right up to the point of getting to have the first fantastic post delivery shower, the tens was still being used. The fact that i wore a polo shirt and could keep it in my pocket also helped to keep things simple and easy.

Since the birth, i have been recommending the labour tens to every pregnant woman i know! Whether used on its own or together with other pain relief methods, labour tens made my birth experience calm and joyful. I was centred and focused, the biggest advantage being that all important energy wasnt being wasted, helping with the recovery period after.

I couldn’t be more happy with labour tens. My husband  was able to watch the birth and support me in a wholly different way, he too found big benefits of the labourtens. Not to mention not having hand cramps!

labour tens is worth every penny. I hope more people discover it, use it, enjoy it!

Anna Rae. Perth

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