Oct 13 2008

labour TENS helped me birth a 9lb 6oz baby girl without drugs

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Thank you so much for the wonderful service you provide. The Labour TENS machine arrived exactly on time (which was good, seeing as my baby did too). The labour TENS machine was really easy to use, and ordering was simple. I started using it as soon as my labour began as instructed, which I think is really great advice.

I’m sure the TENS machine is what enabled me to birth a 9lb 6oz baby girl without any drugs. It enabled me to have a calm natural birth I had been hoping for. I found it very helpful for pain relief, and great value for money.

I found that I could cope with the contractions if I pressed the boost button as the contraction was starting (not later at the peak). Just thought I’d pass this on in case it might help other women.

I can also recommend acupressure while using the Labour TENS machine -my partner pressed on acupressure points on my lower back. I leaned back into his hands which took the effort out of it for him. It was remarkable how much pain relief this provided.

Thanks again for the Labour TENS machine -it was a godsend.

Sandra Lawson. Wavell heights. QLD.

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