Jan 04 2008

Labour TENS for back pain in pregnancy

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Hi Heather,

My midwife told me that labour TENS could also be used for back pain. I am 26 weeks pregnant and suffering back ache constantly.Please tell me if it will work and how I can buy one as I’m guessing its cheaper to buy than hire for a long period. Can I also get a health fund rebate?


Hi Cathy,

Yes health fund rebates of up to 100% are available -just call them. Labour TENS is good for back aches and general aches and pains if you are 37 weeks plus. Please ask your obstetrician first before you use a TENS machine during pregnancy you will need to obtain his consent and use it under medical supervision. After birth you can use it freely for┬áperiod pains and many other sorts of generalised pain. So yes you’d do well to buy one. You can order online, via phone 1300 855 902 or via post. Pay by check, money order or credit card.

Good luck, Heather

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