Jul 19 2013

Labour TENS….. a positive experience

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My recent experience using the Labour TENS machine during early labour with my first baby was extremely positive!

Having first heard about the benefits of using the machine through my ante-natal classes, I planned to add the TENS to my labour tools bag and ordered my machine, which was promptly delivered to my front doorstep.

On the morning of Friday 31st May, I went into early labour with contractions that were 10 minutes apart. These sensations were relatively mild, so didn’t attach the electrodes until they got a bit stronger. I found sitting on my fit ball wearing the TENS and activating it when each contraction came in waves, enabled me to stay comfortably at home until my contractions were 3 minutes apart and very strong.

Having the ability to send a warm, tingly sensation that could successfully distract me from the intensity of the crampy, tight contractions, particularly in my lower back, gave me a real sense of being in control of my pain management during early and active labour. I could adjust the frequency by turning up the charge as I needed, and back down once the contraction had passed, which allowed me to focus on deep breathing and the feeling of electrodes buzzing on my back was like a mini massage….. therefore keeping my mind away from focusing on the pain.

I highly recommend using the Labour TENS for pain relief during labour. It significantly enabled me to get through at home so that when I got to the hospital with contractions only 2 minutes apart we found I was 9 centimetres dilated and delivered my first baby “Poppy” at 11.30pm that evening.

Marnie, Vic

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