Dec 23 2008

I’m a midwife at Manly Hospital and I can personally recommend Labour TENS -It’s fantastic.

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Thank you –Labour TENS was my saving grace. Before I put the TENS on I was at home thinking ‘I can’t get through this without drugs’. Then I put the labour TENS on and instantly it really helped with the pain. . I decided to go to the hospital and by the time I got there the TENS was working very well. I used it from when I was 4cm dilated until the birth. Once I put it on there was no taking it off me -I could not have got through my labour drug free without it.

I had a drug free natural birth I didn’t even need gas and air!. Labour TENS scored 10/10 for ease of use, 10/10 for pain relief, 10/10 for ease of ordering and payment, and 10/10 for value for money.

I’m a midwife at Manly Hospital and I think it’s fantastic. I usually teach women about TENS but now I have first hand experience. I can and will personally recommend Labour TENS to the women I teach in my antenatal classes. It is so underused and very under rated as a natural pain relief tool.

Thank you Heather for your labour TENS.

Jennifer. Midwife at Many Hospital NSW.

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