Jul 25 2011

Drug Free Vaginal Birth after Caesarean

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I was a VBAC.  I was told that I would need another C-Section for my second baby because of the risks involved in VBAC.  When my doctor consulted her diary to book a date it felt to me that I was arranging to have my hair done, not bring a life into this world!

My previous Caesarean had been an emergency and I didn’t get to hold or feed my baby. It took me a week to tell my husband that I didn’t want another C-section and he agreed so I cancelled my elective Caesarean.  I met with a midwife who dealt with VBAC and was sent to my local midwife for my check-ups.  She was great and very encouraging.

With the help of a Doula, Labour TENS and my determination to have my second child the way I wanted to, I was able to give birth to my daughter naturally.  After her shoulders were delivered I pulled her out myself with no need for any other pain relief.

I started using the TENS Machine from Tuesday morning and had my baby on Wednesday.  Jane Collings and her book 10 Moons was also very inspiring.

Thank You Labour TENS

Ashika, NSW

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