Jan 04 2008

BUY Labour TENS or ordinary TENS

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Hi there,

I’ve experienced the benefits of TENS during recovery from sports injury at my physiotherapists and I’m keen to use/hire a TENS machine for my upcoming labour. However, I see that they can be purchased as well, and I’m considering whether its worth it to buy the actual unit for labour and use afterwards as well but I have some questions:

If I buy the Labour TENS (as it seems specifically made for this purpose), is it still as effective in treating non-labour related back pain down the track as say the NeuroTrac TENS unit (Me or someone in my family seems to suffer from a back injury more often than I get pregnant!!)

How can I be sure I’m placing the pads in the correct position? (both in labour use and treating non-labour related back pain)
How reusable are the sticky pads? How many times can they be reused before they lose their stickiness, assuming you care for them correctly and replace the plastic film after use and store them in the plastic?

Many thanks for your help,


Hi Lisa,
TENS is fabulous for labour pain as well as back pain but unfortunately there isn’t an ideal machine for both. The Labour TENS can be used for generalised pain after birth by you or your family (you’ll need new elecrodes for each person though). You will have to decide if you want it for general pain or labour. If you want a good TENS for generalised pain such as back, knee, shoulder pain etc the NT3 neurotrac TENS is your best buy. If you want it for labour either rent or buy a labour TENS.

The NT3machie will work to some extent for labour but it is unable to switch quickly between rest and boost mode, which is ideal for labour pain. If you decide to buy the NT3 and use it for labour I will give you the best settings but you cannot go back and forth as it resets to zero (like all other TENS except labour TENS).The NT3 has 15 programs to choose from,which is ideal for any type of pain. labour TENS has 2 programs specifically designed for labour.

NT3 comes with full instructions, explanations and diagrams to help you choose a program and let you know where to place the electrode pads. I can also help you via email or phone.
The electrode pads last around 3-6 months average, but it depends how long you use the pads and how well you keep them. They can be pealed on and off many times.

The ideal scenario is to buy a NT3 for general pain and hire or buy a Labour TENS for labour. remember most health funds give you a rebate of up to 100% so it may not cost you anything.
Hope this helps,

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