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Jan 15 2015

Thank you Labour TENS

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Thank you Labour TENS. We had the birth of our dreams….. all natural, joyous and empowering!!

Melissa, Steve & baby Max

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Jan 07 2015

Comparison of Obstetric TENS

I am often asked to compare the Labour TENS with the Elle TENS and Elle plus.

Here is my thoughts:
There is not much difference between the Labour TENS and the Elle TENS – except the Elle has one extra comfort feature that the labour TENS doesn’t have. The labour TENS is more robust and very reliable than the Elle or Elle plus and therefore the only one hospitals buy and we use it for hire.
All of the machines have similar labour functions to each other, they all have boosters, 2 channels.

The Elle plus however is very different. Not only does it have all the Elle labour functions but it also has 4 general pain programs and 3 pelvic floor rehabilitation programs with a vaginal probe included.
Birth mode

    Burst mode – generally used between contractions
    Boost mode for combating additional pain during contractions

General pain mode

    Constant mode – Pulses are continuous and feel like a tingly sensation. This mode is generally used for acute pain conditions.
    Burst mode – Pulses are off and on in a regular cycle and will feel like a heartbeat sensation. This mode is generally used for chronic pain conditions.
    Massage mode – The pulses decrease and then increase in regular cycles creating a massaging sensation.
    Mixed mode – 3 seconds of Constant and 3 seconds of Burst as described above.

Pelvic mode

    PROG 1 – Helps with urge Incontinence
    PROG 2 – Helps with Stress Incontinence
    PROG 3 – A combination of urge and stress incontinence.
    PROG 2 – After Care – an optional mode that can be used directly after treatment

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