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Apr 26 2013

I cannot speak highly enough of Labour TENS….

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A combination of the Labour TENS machine and the techniques my husband & I learned at our calm birthing class saw us through our second drug free and wonderful delivery of a daughter. I cannot speak highly enough of the Labour TENS in assisting in a pain and fear free natural delivery, and recommend it to everyone who is hoping for the same experience.

Danielle, Vic.

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Apr 18 2013


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I really had no idea how a TENS machine could work, but so many people I knew swore by them and my midwife was very keen for me to have one to hand.  I can’t really describe how it worked, but it really was amazing and I credit it for my being able to achieve a very manageable and drug-free birth!! It just eased me through the contractions, which whilst certainly intense, were focussed and smooth with the impulses provided by the Labour TENS.

I would recommend this form of pain relief to anyone…. even though I still have no idea how or why it works!!

Emily, Vic.

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