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Aug 26 2008

I laboured in comfort at home for most of the time with Labour TENS

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I used the Labour TENS unit from the first regular contractions. I found that even at five minutes apart I still wasn’t feeling enough pain to qualify ‘active labour.’ I continued at home for another six and a half hours without any other pain relief, and even managed to doze in between contractions.

When I eventually arrived at hospital I was already 8cm dilated, and the baby was born only one and a half hours later!

I found the labour TENS was very effective for relieving pain as I had no other pain relief. It also allowed me to labour at home more comfortably.


Jessica Preston. Pennant Hills. NSW

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Aug 14 2008

Taking off my TENS to enter the bath was like loosing a friend…

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My Midwives Kirsty and Michelle rave about Labour TENS so I thought I’d give it a go.

I put it on around 5am at the first sign of contractions. By 9am I was ready for the second stage of pushing which I had planned to do in the bath. Taking the Labour TENS off to enter the bath was like loosing a friend. After another 3 hours in the bath baby Chloe 3.9kilo’s was born. Labour TENS was my only pain relief. I would recommend this product to any pregnant woman. Thank-you for contributing to a lovely natural drug free birth.

Jill Hingston. Harbord

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